As wedding themes are getting more popular these days, some of the themes have also become more common. Some the popular ones are: western theme, beach theme and garden theme.  buy ethnic sarees online If you want to have a more unique wedding theme, consider going ethnic. Ethnic themes are a great way to showcase your cultures and traditions. Your guests will also have a good time being exposed to your culture, especially if it is different from theirs.


When incorporating an ethnic wedding theme, you have to decide on how you would like it to blend with your wedding. There are many aspects of your wedding that you have to plan for and think about what to include for your ethnic theme.

One of the first things to choose after deciding on a wedding theme is the Wedding Colors. It is easier to choose wedding colors for ethnic theme because every tradition has their own color identity. After you have decided on a particular culture, there are specific colors to use. Take for example an Indian wedding theme would involve colors like gold and red.

Next is choosing wedding favors for your guests. You can choose ethnic products from your native country to use as wedding favors. These can be artworks, handicrafts, bookmarks, key chains or small snacks nicely packaged.

Your decorations for an ethnic wedding theme would include choosing flowers that are familiar with that culture. Apart from flowers, you can look into turning items like tablecloths, props and the reception area into the ethnic theme. You may also incorporate music from your native country to spruce up the ethnic feel.

Last but not least, the wedding attire of the bride, groom and all the attendants should be in that ethnic culture. Your guests will fall in love with this because ethnic dresses are usually considered to be exotic.

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